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02 October 2016

Conina said:

I just found this gold nugget of Steam data in another section: real DX12-systems (DX12 GPUs + Windows 10) and DX11-systems (contains DX12-GPUs with older Windows versions). Here is no cut at all, so we can see not only the RX400 series but also the rare Fury and Titan GPUs, which never made the 0.15% or 0.30% cuts:

It's Steam Stats Time again!

And thanks to my find above I could add some data for GPUs with a percent share below 0.16 (Titans, Furies, RX 460, RX 470...), which are put into "Other" in Valve's "All Video Cards" list.

The new "Direct X11 Systems" list leaves out all DX10-GPUs (and older) and all Windows versions older than Vista, but the percent shares keep almost the same as in the "All Video Cards" list:

That data is good enough to show the trend of GPUs below the 0.16%-threshhold, since even the differences for the most popular GPUs are 0.01% or lower. So we can see new GPUs earlier and can keep track of older GPUs which fell under 0.16% and expensive flagships which never overcome that threshold.

According to SteamSpy's estimates the growth of Steam accounts has slowed down last month to less than 1 million. But the Steam growth in the month before with over 5 million seemed too high (normally it is 3 - 4 million per month), so they probably just corrected that.

Windows 10 adoption also slowed down according to the Steam data... all 64-bit versions gained a bit from the Windows-XP decline and the decline of other 32-bit versions.