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03 June 2016

Steam stats May 2016:

04 June 2016

Steam numbers Part 2

I found out today that Steamspy gives an estimate of the total number of active Steam accounts, their estimate is at 170 million:

Therefore I adjusted my own estimate of 4 million growth each month since Valve's last official number (125 million in February 2015) to 3 million growth each month.

From these 170 million active Steam accounts, 143 million are DX11-compatible and 121 million are DX12-compatible:

37 million of these PCs should be at least as fast as a PS4.

I tried to find a middle ground in that system selection: some badly ported games can give problems, but on the other hand some good optimized PC versions run as well as the PS4 version with the popular GTX 750 Ti.

Would I include the GTX 750 Ti, that number would go up from 37 million to 42 million PCs in the ballpark of a PS4.

15 million of these PCs should be VR Ready  (14 million, if we kick out the GTX 780).