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potato_hamster said:
Aeolus451 said:

He's likely right that vr or something akin to it will be the new standard way to play games  relatively in the near future so I don't consider it a dig at all. Early adapters always talk as if what they're doing is the normal.

VR will probably never be the standard way to play games. Sony hasn't even managed to sell 3 million VR headsets in over 1.5 years, it's looking at a less sales in its second year than its first year at this point, and they have made the most popular VR headsets by far. This is is this standard? An add-on that begins to reach its saturation point after a year?

You're right about VR as it is now because it's incomplete or a just a meager step towards what it will be. No doubt, once it or a similar tech gets fairly close to the ideal version of vr, playing games on a tv will become retro. It will have the ideal level of immersion the vast majority of gamers crave for.