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KLXVER said:
I don't see the point in discussing this tbh. Nintendo and MS fans love it because their companies does it and Sony fans don't think its a big deal because their company doesn't do it. Game companies can do whatever they want. They don't need to serve the gamers anymore. Gamers are serving the companies now. Its like sports teams. Fans love them no matter what they do.

Thats not true though... look at the backlash MS got at the start of the gen for all the crap it tried to pulled, or for haveing 2 years without much in terms of quality exclusives.

There are certain things that can hurt them, I just dont think Crossplay is one such thing.
Lack of games is a much bigger issue, gamers go where the games are.

Look at Sea of Theives, all those people that championed Crossplay where lateron complaining how unfair the pvp system was, towards console owners that played against PC users.
They could litterality pull off stuff you couldnt on console. Then there was the issue of pc players useing cheats ect.

Shortly after there where tons of people complaining about cross play with PC users, and begging MS to add a way to turn it off.

Then this fiasco with Fortnite, and suddenly everyone is again praiseing how great crossplay is, useing it as a means to get a dig in at sony again.