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KLAMarine said:
Shiken said:

We have seen it time and time again, Sony needs to jump on board or MS will take next gen for being pro consumer and supporting cross play.  While it would certainly benefit us all if Sony did cave in to it, lets be realistic here...


The argument is that while Sony has more consoles than Switch and PS4 combined, they can pull this crap without consequences.  However when the next gen kicks off and they are on equal footing, people might favor MS for their cross play policies.  Well folks, that is a load of rubbish.


The fact of the matter is that when next gen kicks off, there are only two consoles that could even do it with eachother.  PS5 and XB(2).  If one side says no, neither can benefit from it.  The whole argument is only possible while Nintendo is still a factor in the whole cross play argument  and lets face it, they just barely make the cut as is.  When new consoles drop, there will be no Switch version for the games people care about (almost like there is not much now) and therefore MS will have only PC crossplay for major titles, which Sony is also willing to do.


All of this negative press is amusing TBH, and people also forget that while Sony has no cross play, they so not lock F2P games behind a paywall like MS does.  They both have their faults.


So the reality is that as things stand now, when next gen hits people are more likely to think about...


-Sony pumps out high quality 1st party games frequently while MS does not (currently)


-MS locks F2P games behind a paywall while Sony does not


-Nintendo won't even have a version of the online games for MS to crossplay with anyway


Sony is not stupid, they know this.  This is why they are not sweating all the trash talk because unless they drop the ball somewhere else, it is irrelevant.


Do I like it?  No, of course not.  But lets stop the BD about how it will turn people away from the PS5, because lets be real, unless Nintendo puts out a console that can contend power wise, it is a non factor.



"Nintendo won't even have a version of the online games for MS to crossplay with anyway"


You say this and yet big titles like Fortnite and PUBG are getting ported down to weaker hardware. Ideally, any third party dev would want their software as scalable and as portable as possible as well as accessible as possible to maximize engagement with as many people as possible. This runs counter to what Sony has recently been involved in: locking down Fortnite accounts and imposing restrictions rather than promoting expansion and any PS4 owners who bought a Switch suddenly find themselves handicapped because they can't play the same Fortnite account on different pieces of hardware they own.


Sure, big AAA titles will be first available on the most cutting-edge hardware like PS5, X2, or latest PCs but AAA titles aren't the only titles that gain massive success. Smaller titles are just as capable of being huge successes, sometimes more, in part because of their accessibility.


So I disagree that, in the long run, crossplay will mean nothing. It will always mean something as long as multiplats exist and Sony risks being on the wrong side of history on this one.

I would be suprised if PUBG came to Switch.  Happy as I like PUBG better, but suprised.


You speak like Fortnite and PUBG being ported down is the norm.  Sorry but that is not even close to being the case.  Most big games are either strictly mobile or strictly console.  Rarely do they mesh.


Also you and I both know that just because something CAN be ported does not mean it WILL be ported.  Switch can easily handle a scaled down version of Call of Duty or various other currwnt gen titles at sub HD 30 fps, but where are they?  If this is how it is being treated now, do you honestly think when the PS5 drops it will be any different?


I do not agree with Sony's actions.  However the way things are going, it really is still irrelevant unless Switch gets more of these games with cross play.

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