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Super Mario Bros was a turning point for basically the entire industry, it, along with the NES, ushered in so many standards at the same time and those changes persisted for many generations.

The D-Pad, in-game screens that scroll, Hardware manufacturers actually doing some curation, licensing standards, RCA video/audio out, etc. and new genres, local co-op, and game save files started showing up within just a year or two, so a lot of change spurred very quickly at that pivotal moment in gaming history. (And this greatly changed the public image of home console gaming in the US, which was in dire straits with retailers being hesitant to carry any newer consoles)

Mario 64 was also big for figuring out 3D game navigation, but the foundation of gaming was pretty solid by the time N64 came out, and 2D games after the N64 didn't depend on Mario 64's innovations to still be great games, where as the D-Pad and scrolling screens is still a big part of modern 2D games.

Breath of the Wild is an excellent game, but it is more a refinement of open world games than a whole new thing.

Personally, I would go with Wii Sports though, just because it was cool to play a game with my dad and sister for once, and the good times we had together is something special.


I might get Carcassone, Go Vacation, or something of the like, on Nintendo Switch and see if I can convince them to try another game with me.