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JRPGfan said:
DonFerrari said:
Sorry but I preffer my games tailored and maximizing the platform they are made, and that happens when they focus on one platform... moreso over exclusives.

^ so much this.

Theres also downsides to platform agnostic games.
Mainly it might effect gameplay elements, and graphics, if before you design the game you have to decide, it needs to be something that can run on multiple devices.

Thats a huge downside imo.
Id rather the developers can go all out, and push systems and whats possible to do with the game, than being able to also play it on a phone.

If after the game is made maximizing the platform they decide to port or stream I have no issue. But for ME (as gamer) there is no benefit in making the game for all platforms i won't play on.

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