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Seventizz said:
Nem said:
Really, who are "mobile gamers"? Cause i can only imagine those gamers as people who play in very short spurts of time every once in a while. So... that's the only kind of experience that can work on mobile. But, as more games appear, theres less room for new ones.

I find it hard to believe that anyone who considers themself as a gamer doesn’t have a few on their smartphone - they’re mostly free, well, initially.  Maybe they’re not being honest about playing on mobile because clicking their phone once every few hours to collect coins might sound embarrassing - but it’s silly.  They’re fun time wasters when you have time to kill.  In line at the DMV/supermarket, doctor’s office, mother-in-laws, mental breaks in between work, etc.  I have about 6 games on my phone I regularly play - PUBG is one of those.

I'm a gamer.  I play on Xbox One, PC, and mobile - and I’m not ashamed of that.

Your avy is false advertising then.