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VGPolyglot said:
I don't believe it for one second.

Me, neither. Adding 3 Resi characters and only one Street Fighter character (Akuma)? Getting rid of the Infinity Stones for 3v3 when the entire game is literally centered around them? Forgive me if I smell bullshit. 

Another thing that makes me question this is the fact that it says specifically that Dante will be using his DMC5 skin as his default to promote DMC5, yet it says nothing about using Jill's RE3 skin as her default with REmake 2 right around the corner, just that she'll be using her MvC2 moveset. Why the hell would they not want that extra bit of REmake 2 promotion with Leon reportedly being added and Nemesis already in the game, who I can definitely see making a small cameo in the remake? The zombified Brad encounter in the original RE2, which took place shortly after Nemesis first appeared in RE3 (and it was no coincidence, either), wasn't made canon until AFTER the fact IIRC, so there's a good chance Nemmy will make a small cameo in REmake 2. Why they would change Dante's default to promote DMC5, but pass on a picture perfect opportunity for additional REmake 2 promotion beyond adding Leon (and RE fanservice in general) is beyond me.

Last edited by KManX89 - on 02 July 2018