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Barozi said:
Pubg on mid range mobiles runs at 1080p while Wolfenstein The New Colossus runs at really low resolutions on the Switch. I'm wondering if people would downplay this because they don't like mobiles.

That is a very poor comparison.

Depends how you look at it. Pubg doesn't have the detail of Wolfenstein 2 but looks crisp due to the high res. We are looking at 360p and 480p versus 1080p which is a massive difference.

Pubg runs at 30fps at 720p on X1. Wolf 2 runs 60fps 720p on X1. I'm sure that has something to do with optimisation but still they are at least comparable and I prefer a less detailed but still current gen game running at a higher resolution than an effects laden blurry game.

jason1637 said:
Mobile port is pretty good but I find it too easy to make top 5 every game I play. Way easier than the PC/Xbox version.

Haha yes its easier for sure.

Yerm said:
i would also recommend you try out Fortnite. it has a bit more going on that PUBG and is free on all platforms

I've played it on PC and liked it. Its not released on Android so can't tell if the mobile game is good.