Jaicee said:
Medisti said:

Only do it if you hate yourself, like me. :P 194/200 so far (I don't know why I wrote five earlier. It's six. I can't math). I'm through the A-side and C-side levels, and the first two B-side levels. The winged Golden one took like 2,000 deaths. I never want to do that again.

Also, great icon :D

That is going to be one friggin' awesome strawberry pie!

(And thanks. )

Wouldn't that be nice. The image stays the same after 175. I just enjoy playing the game, though, so I don't mind it. I do think the B-sides are much too long for how perfect you're expected to be with that kind of difficulty. (The harder something is, the shorter it should be, imo, which is why I really love the C-side levels and didn't mind getting the Golden Strawberries there)