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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Nem said:
As for DmC, the controversy was well earned. I love the games Ninja theory makes and i loved DmC. But, they spit in the face of the fans. They made their own bed. If anything it's a case study of how to not insult fans of the original work and embrace them instead. It was pure developer arrogance that created the "controversy".

Actually, the original concept art for Dmc is way more faithful to the series. It was Capcom who called for even more drastic changes. Then from their Ninja Theory handled the bad PR ... well ... badly. Which is to be expected from such a, at the time, small fry studio.

I don't mean the character design, i mean the wig scene. I doubt it was Capcom that told them to do that.

You guys don't get platform agnostic gaming. The platform you play on will not matter. The majority of games will run on every platform. Better on some than others. Keep that in mind when you read the OP and don't boil down this discussion to mobile games are shit because they wouldn't be if AAA games can be played there.

Phones will never replace consoles and PC. They have touch controls and tiny screens. It's a completely different gaming experience. I think you are the one simplifying it and assuming the only difference between systems will be the technical specs.

Different platforms are suited to different gaming styles. It's just how it is. This platform agnostic you try to pass along, just like the other one, is just another word for confused.

Last edited by Nem - on 01 July 2018