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I was on the bandwagon of hate for battle royale games. They looked shallow and the concept was barebones so I though they were deathmatch with no revives that were turned to a new game. I didn't realise that it worked. When Pubg and Fortnite became popular on mobile and all my not gamer friends started playing it I was like its a casual game so it appeals to people of all strata and that its popular because it makes news and sells tons so people jump on it.

I downloaded Pubg on the recommendation of a friend so I could play something with people who didn't game on anything other than smartphones. I was amazed! It got me hooked and I've played it for like 14 hours in 7 days. It has kept away from my PS4 and not just that its so much more convenient to boot up a game on your phone when you're tired and don't go on social media. Its a console shooter on the go. It doesn't control as well as Doom on the Switch but I don't find it difficult with the virtual pad. It does the job and the game is engaging.