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Lonely_Dolphin said:
p0isonparadise said:

3DS was much cheaper and had the XL edition released that summer, also. 

Side note: Nintendo needs to stop playing games and announce a $299 MK8D bundle for the west and a Splatoon bundle for Japan. Bundles along with Smash and Pokemon for the holidays will give Switch a notable sales increase for its second year.

3DS being cheaper will forever go without saying, and the latter we haven't gotten to yet. The XL released late July alongside NSMB2, but yeah Switch definitely wont be able to keep up then.

Agreed, though I think there is a Splatoon 2 bundle, just isn't a value saving one. Reducing it to $300/Japan equivalent, creating a MK8D/Zelda/Odyssey bundle for the same price, then no longer making bundleless SKUs sounds like a good plan.

Ya i think if Switch is ever going to start catching up to 3DS it will be in the middle years. 3DS peaked in year 2, had a small drop in year 3, big drops in year 4 & 5 then a steady decline since.











So if Switch has any shot of gaining ground than it needs to have an increase in year 3 then a softer decline in years 4 & 5.

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