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Chris Hu said:

It is a "pure" arcade racer, whatever that is really. A racer needs to follow the laws of physics to be simulation. While there is no racing game that follows all of them to a T there are some that follow most of them and the rest that follow few. Horizon is the second case.

Well you are clueless about racing games then.  You can ask pretty much anybody that actually played any of the games and they can tell you that the Horizon games aren't pure arcade racers.  Also pretty much all arcade racers released lately aren't pure arcade racers.  Heck pretty much anybody that commented in this tread so far besides you would agree with me that the Horizon games aren't pure arcade racers. 

What do you mean by actually played them? I have actually played them of course why I can comment on the matter.

You are full of hyperbole. Ask every one of the commentators here whether Horizon is arcade or sim. You'll be shocked.

Also you haven't given one concrete and well thought out opinion on why Horizon is simcade. No, segregation of cars into categories does not make a game realistic. Its not what draws people to simulation games. GT6 doesn't even have car classes per se. So is that less of a sim than Horizon 3? Lmao.