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Acevil said:
Farsala said:

Why would it be more fair?

4 or 4 ultimate? Either way I chose Generations because it was quick and easy to find all the numbers and they sold very similarly.

Mainline to mainline title? I added in the part where I was told generation was more of spinoff or like best of monster hunter series. I actually do not know much about generation myself. 

There are other factors to consider too.

MHG and MHW sold about the same at ~2.8m+.

MHW came out after 4 years of PS4, MHG came out after 4.5 years of 3DS.

By week 12 MH4 was experiencing sales close to or in the holidays, by week 12 for MHW (last Media create sales known) and MHG neither were in the holidays.