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OTBWY said:
NoCtiS_NoX said:

So you expected the pS4 to sell 356,625  in 4 weeks and 3 Million for MHW in Japan? If so then show me proof of that? 
Even with my optimism with the game it shattered all my expectation in just 1 week with DD sales. 

Ok since you want to continue on about this. I expected the PS4 to have A: a higher baseline (I don't believe the shortages went on that long) and B: MHW to still appear in the charts (cause I don't believe it's only selling digitally now). So in essence, sell longer (A wider mountain so to speak) with the added effect of moving more consoles than usual. That is all.

You didn't answer my question. >_> 

So basically after 5 months you expect PS4 to still sell 40K every week and PS4 to sell 40K weekly in summer period?

As for MHW. Farsala. already did a good job at explaining it.

think-man said:
Nice little boost for Kingdom Hearts!

 I am about to post the same thing. I am feeling optimistic with the sales of KH 3 in Japan.
KH collection is also in the charts last week then it went up this week. XD