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NoCtiS_NoX said:
OTBWY said:

Whatever you say bossman. All I was doing is stay true to my expectations, which were mine and mine alone.

So you expected the pS4 to sell 356,625  in 4 weeks and 3 Million for MHW in Japan? If so then show me proof of that? 
Even with my optimism with the game it shattered all my expectation in just 1 week with DD sales. 

Ok since you want to continue on about this. I expected the PS4 to have A: a higher baseline (I don't believe the shortages went on that long) and B: MHW to still appear in the charts (cause I don't believe it's only selling digitally now). So in essence, sell longer (A wider mountain so to speak) with the added effect of moving more consoles than usual. That is all.