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Mnementh said:
Acevil said:

Both PS4 and Switch are at their baseline which is a bit puzzling, given new software.

Train wreck said:

The narrative was that Mario Tennis + Minecraft + the summer Switch release schedule + the positive E3 effect was going to increase the Switch baseline starting this week.  It didnt, people just want to know why.

Well, I was under the impression baseline for Switch was 40K. Why did I get the impression...

nero said:

Ah yes, because 40K was the sales Switch dipped down to in slow weeks without release. With shortages around golden week even a bit less.

So yes, I would say Switch is above baseline this week.

I was about to bring this up, it went 5 weeks in the ~35-40k range but all of a sudden 48k is the baseline?

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