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BlackBeauty said:
Train wreck said:

The narrative was that Mario Tennis + Minecraft + the summer Switch release schedule + the positive E3 effect was going to increase the Switch baseline starting this week.  It didnt, people just want to know why.

At least the switch didn’t decrease. That’s a good thing. Switch baseline has been raised a couple weeks now if you have been following this thread. Unfortunately, I’m really not seeing the same for the PS4 esp after the suppose “shortage”.

And Nintendo isn’t only one that can benefit from e3.

I'm guessing that you haven't been following the thread either (or have tunnel vision) as the PS4 baseline is higher than it was during the early spring when it had its shortages but below last year as the console is over 4 years old.  Outside drastic things that will cause the baseline to go up/be stable on a console this old (which is price cuts) the PS4 sales curve is expected.  I don't know what type of war you are trying to win point out the PS4 sales on a somewhat normal sales curve but continue the fight I guess.