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Megiddo said:
OTBWY said:

A game like Mario Tennis is not expected to push hardware, MHW is. Yet, a system without it, still outsold it. Without "big" games you could say. There is your answer.

Mario Tennis is the biggest Nintendo release in almost a year (until Super Mario Party in early October). How is it not expected to push hardware? Did Nintendo give up?

No. So the next issue is, do you compare MHW to a game like Mario Tennis, in Japan? Do you believe those games are on the same level and are expected to push hardware the same? Btw man, you brought up Mario Tennis. All I did was be amazed at how a console without MH outsold a console with MH in that year *in Japan*. I expected more from MHW, both hw and sw. That was your chart, and I merely commented on it, but you went in a different direction.