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Azzanation said:

Yea if you spent  money on fortnite, and want to play on the go that sucks. Many of the complaints are about crossplay, and who doesn't own a ps4 or PC at this point, besides most people already know you buy a console that your friends are gonna be on if you care for online console gaming. Microsoft now that there market has dwindled to doing  only good in the US are trying to get on that exclusive friend list that's why they are so desperate to be the good guy. 

Im confused with this post. There is over 7.6 billion people on this planet and you are comparing a device that isnt even a 1/4 of a billion sold LT and most PC owners dont play games. To say who doesnt own a PS4 and or PC is alittle immature. 

You should never force your customers in on your device, and from what i am reading cross-play isnt the problem, its the account locking which is a desperate/greedy move to gain your player base.

There are plenty of Switch and PS4 owners much like there is for other devices.. those logging on the Switch and than want to play on PS4 are forced to only play on PS4 which is nothing but a greedy tactic. This is something i expect a mega corp like MS to do, not a middle of the road company like Sony.

Strange how the bigger company is playing fair and the smalling company isnt. Whats sad to me is how there are people out there defending Sony's decision, regardless who does this should be recognized, labelled and called out.

Did you miss my post above yours, I agree sony should fix the issue with account locking, as for cross play it's up to sony, i'm good with what ever they choose, but i understand if they don't.