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KLAMarine said:
quickrick said:

i'm not surprised. i'm sure its mostly extreme nintendo fans that all of a sudden can't enjoy gaming on a tv anymore, and switch has changed their lives. all of a sudden cross play the holy grail of gaming. all it takes is 500-1000 to make a lot of noise in reality nobody cares.

I'm more upset about holding EG accounts hostage than the lack of cross-play. Cross-play would be nice too so people who have different platforms can play with their friends.

Yea if you spent  money on fortnite, and want to play on the go that sucks. Many of the complaints are about crossplay, and who doesn't own a ps4 or PC at this point, besides most people already know you buy a console that your friends are gonna be on if you care for online console gaming. Microsoft now that there market has dwindled to doing  only good in the US are trying to get on that exclusive friend list that's why they are so desperate to be the good guy. 

Last edited by quickrick - on 25 June 2018