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EricHiggin said:
KLAMarine said:

I'm going to save you the trouble of endless speculation: Sony is the party most responsible for current restrictions on Fortnite.

Like I told twintail, even if EG has a great deal of blame for this mess, I'm certain they want to make things right

and they are able to make things right as soon as Sony gives the green light but Sony is doing no such thing. They'll just continue holding EG accounts hostage.

'Now that we used the PS4 platform to make our battle royale mode super successful and don't have to worry anymore about our game bombing, we are now committed to changing our minds about the contract we signed that forced us to do this but also made us rich and saved our asses. If it wasn't for this deal and the PS4 platform, the game at best would be much less successful and probably wouldn't have even caused this to become an issue in the first place, since PS would have just found something else. Thank you PS for your help but it's our turn to try and screw you now, and you the gaming community are welcome. Aren't we just the greatest everyone? Who doesn't like a backstabber?'

These are your words, not Epic's.

EricHiggin said:

Yes, I know, PS said 'we are for the gamers', which apparently means they need to offer gamers everything that is or could be available in the industry immediately.

Or PS just not abduct people's Fortnite accounts.

EricHiggin said:

Why can't they be more like MS and keep their word? MS said no sharing games and always online, and they did that, or wait, they didn't.

They didn't? Good.

EricHiggin said:

Well they also said they hated exclusivity and weren't going to do that, and they followed through, or wait, they actually locked down PUBG and 4 third party studios and more. Ok but they definitely mentioned a big reason to get XB1X would be for VR soon when ready, and their working on that, or wait, they aren't bothering with it at all anymore...

Can you source some of these things that were said?

EricHiggin said:

If this is how third party studios are going to behave going forward, PS is either going to fold, maybe, or they are going to pour money into as many third party future games as possible and make everything solely exclusive to PS4/PS5 so this can't happen again. It won't be a problem either because that's what MS is doing in a way, and nobody seems to care about that.

Third party studios shouldn't ask for cross-platform access and play. Who do they think they are, game developers trying to please their customers?