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I think it'd be wrong to call them hypocrites, but I do think the Wii U was massively underappreciated. It took a long time for it's library to become substantial, but by the end of 2014 when Mario Kart, and Smash, and Bayonetta 2 were all in full swing, there was no excuse to not get a Wii U. And there was also all the big upcoming games that they showcased at E3.
The Wii U was releasing so much more quality that year than any other system, yet it still failed to get a lot of traction even with many of the Nintendo base, so I think I see where these people are coming from.

Honestly, if you need every new Nintendo console to have an historically great first year like the Switch, just to sell you on the new hardware, then it's gonna be hard for Nintendo to keep competing. Especially when the competition can get away with 2 whole years (arguably longer) of mediocrity, and still have record breaking sales.