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Chrizum said:

I don't know why I clicked on it, but that was one of the worst YT vids I've ever seen.

Why does that guy talk so goddamn slow? Why is there Fortnite footage while the commentary has no relation to the game whatsoever? Why scour the internet for comments you disagree with, without coming to a conclusion or making a point? Why does this video have 140k views?

So many questions... I'm starting to believe I'm out of touch with the world. No, that can't be it. Surely it's everyone else who is out of touch.

Sadly most of these 140k viewers will probably come from the video being spread in places like here, where someone wants to spread a video because it is so bad... but not realising that you are giving it advertising and publicity, views.. advertising revenue.

That's why if you see a YouTube video which you think is bad, close the tab, others don't have to see it and agree with you, in fact just because you lost 10mins to a video be kind, take the L, don't inflict that 10 mins on others, you wont get your time back.

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