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EricHiggin said:
KLAMarine said: 

Were you there when Epic Games and Sony were negotiating Fortnite's PS4 port? Have you access to the contracts themselves?

No, but were you? When you eat at a restaurant and the food tastes off or weird, do you just keep eating or send it back? Epic's message sounds off, so since I can't 'send it back' and they clearly don't want to say much more either, the best I can do is guess at what's going on behind closed doors. Since MS and Nin have basically said they have nothing to do with it, that really narrows down the possibilities. I'm not going to be ok with 'the chefs busy so just keep eating'. It seems like you are though. I hope the food isn't tainted for your sake.

What do you expect Epic to say? If I'm close, they obviously wouldn't write that or anything close to it because it would make them look 'as bad as PS does' right now, if not worse. If that PR is super bad for PS, imagine how bad it would be for Epic. PS also wouldn't exactly want to point the finger at Epic because Fortnite is raking in money for PS4, and making Epic look bad could hurt sales more on PS4, but may also hurt the relationship Epic and PS have going into the future. In a way it's smart for PS to take the heat because right now they are in a position where they can handle it.

KLAMarine said: 

Sounds like you at least acknowledge PS has slowly been adopting increasingly anti-consumer policy.

Yes, I thought I had made it clear before that PS seems to be heading slowly in that direction in reaction to moves made by rivals. You however seemed to take that as weakness and doubled down on your viewpoint, instead of moving ever so slightly and admitting that PS may not be as horrible as you seem to make them out to be, and maybe their business tactics could very well have some legitimate reasoning. That's the kind of thing PS would want to hear and would make them want to sit down and seriously talk about how everyone could work together to try and solve the issue(s) certain gamers, devs, and pubs have with cross accounts and cross play. If all they do instead is yell and scream wants, without strong informative backing, making PS miserable, then they might just troll these people with Fortnite bundles to make them miserable as well. I suggest the easy way, but that's just me.

I'm going to save you the trouble of endless speculation: Sony is the party most responsible for current restrictions on Fortnite.

Like I told twintail, even if EG has a great deal of blame for this mess, I'm certain they want to make things right

and they are able to make things right as soon as Sony gives the green light but Sony is doing no such thing. They'll just continue holding EG accounts hostage.