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Kai_Mao said:
Shaunodon said:

I'd rather they remaster the old Xenoblade or Xenosaga games in the short run, and actually give the next Xenoblade a longer dev cycle.

I think remastering Xenoblade 1 is not out of the realm of possibility, considering the series is now getting more popular and Shulk is back in Smash. As for the Xenosaga games, they would have to work with Nintendo and Bandai Namco in getting the rights back. Who knows, maybe that is one of the projects Namco Bandai claimed they are working on for Switch.

How much more milk can be drained from that cow? Leave XC (original) alone for a while. It got a Wii, and 3ds release as well as Wii U eshop. As for Shulk.... well nevermind, as telling you why it's fine he's in Smash would be a spoiler.

Last edited by bigtakilla - on 24 June 2018