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Shaunodon said:
bigtakilla said:

Yeah, but a lot of that stuff will be covered by smaller teams within Monolith Soft. I wouldn't be surprised if they will have been working on the new title for at least 2 years when E3 2019 comes around, and Monolith Soft isn't afraid of showing early footage (They showed XCX in Jan 2013 and it didn't release until Dec 4 2015). They also announced XC2 in Jan 2017 and the Switch didn't even come out until March 2017. I think it will be there.

I'd rather they remaster the old Xenoblade or Xenosaga games in the short run, and actually give the next Xenoblade a longer dev cycle.

Well I agree the next Xenoblade having a longer development time than XC2, but if you look at it, when did XCX release? April 29, 2015 (later in other regions in Dec 4, 2015) and XC2 released Dec 1, 2017. That's 2 and a half years. Now if they showed XCX2 at E3 2019, (Jun 12, 2019ish) we are looking at the same time frame from RELEASE of XC2 from XCX, to the ANNOUNCEMENT of XCX2 from the release of XC2. Say it came out Dec  4, 2020 that is still literally a year and a half of extra development time from XC2 to XCX2. 

IMO plenty of time for a Xeno game. Xenosaga HD collection would be a cherry on top.