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Peh said:
zygote said:

Can’t wait. Just got my Rift this week with all the deals going on. I’m expecting everything to go VR in 2020 using the new tech with Oculus 2, PS5. 

That's great. Would you leave a feedback here how your experience with it is?

Games I recommend:

The Lab by valve ( Glados is really scary if you see her in her actual size.)

Arizona sunshine

Pavlov VR

Super Hot VR

Beat Saber

Nice. Beat Saber wasn't on sale or I would have gotten that.  I did get Arizona Sunshine, but haven't tried it yet.  Playing Lone Echo atm. 

VR is amazing.  I have been somewhat dissatisfied as a gamer with the lack of advances in technology.  I'm an "experience" gamer more than anything.  I like to feel epic shifts in game design and game feel with each new generation.  Graphic upgrades alone just doesn't do it anymore, it requires game, UI, or tech design shifts. It is amazing to see the world "around" you rather than in a box, to interact with it directly as if "you" are a game asset.  It is amazing.  Definitely what my gaming life was missing.  Sure, the cords are too many, the screens too small, the resolution too low, and the headset too heavy, but it is more than worth it.  The experience is such an immersive one that I forget all of that for most of the playtime. Will check out some of those you listed.

Games I have: In Death, The Invisible Hours, I Expect You to Die, Wilson's Heart, Lone Echo, Job Simulator, Space Pirate Trainer, Arizona Sunshine, the free games like Robo Recall, Lucky's Tale, Dead and Buried.  I spent maybe $500 total, and have more than enough options to last me till 2020 when the next round of tech hits.