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KBG29 said:

I don't know what to tell you, but in life things are going to change, and progression is going to happen. That doesn't mean that old things have to go away. I could give you examples for days on how things have progressed, adding value, and giving people more options, while still keeping the orginal tech and products alive and kicking.

Just because Rockstar takes GTA to VR, doesn't mean GTA like games can't be made on traditional setups. It means instead of Rockstar dumping massive money and talanet on simple tech, instead they throw the best people and money at the most advanced tech available. That leaves the space open for people with a passion for classic gaming to develop games to deliver a nostalgic experience for those that long for the experiences of yesteryear.

I also love getting back to my gaming roots. I love how they are bringing back Crash, Spyro, and Medevil. I waited 20 years for Nintendo to deliver a successor to Mario 64. I want a new Jak game. What I don't want is Naughty Dog and Insomniac utilizing the best talent in the industry to remake classic experiences. Let indies bring these classic experiences with classic controls to the lime light. While the best talent in  the indusrty continue to push the the limit on interactivith, immersion, gameplay, and story telling. Give them the tools to deliver their vision in the least limited form possible.

I am not sure how offering greater value, more options, and advancing the medium serves to throw you off of gaming. You don't want to see an even larger variety of games to choose from? You never want to see an advancement in the ways games are displayed and conrtrolled? You don't want more value from your purchase on your platform of choice, allowing you to stream or natively play your games across more devices and form factors? You don't want games and gaming devices to become more accessible to a large audience? What do you want?

I hope as tech and software advances more people are able to enjoy games they way they prefer, and on the hardware of their choice. I hope we continue to see advancements in the way games are devloped, displayed, and controlled. I hope that in the future we will both be able to enjoy this medium and these experiences in a way we find enjoyable.

See, what you call progression, is just a small factor into what people do and do not want to see nor use/not use. Your visions are not something everyone wants to share, and it's never going to rebound towards "tough luck it's definitely happening, my visions are truth". Not everyone shares your visions, nor wants them to happen, because a good chunk of your visions, your fantasy future dreams serve to put others like myself off, and again it's never going to rebound towards "deal with it" or anything, it's just that people who want everyone to fall under one silly dream banner ened to learn to stop pushing "future" ideals onto others.

The old stays with the new. My island is living proof of that, and it doesn't fall under the typical "ugh why are you so old fashioned and using that device/vehicle?" (because I know that's what future dreamers love to spout with their perfect ideals towards wanting something they think is outdated to be done away with).

R* doesn't even need to take GTA to being VR designed. The series from it's inception has been from a top down to 3rd person perspective, and not solely a first person one. See that idea of yours, the best people, the more smarter folk to work on what you want, means the other side suffers. You know this is how things currently are with VR, because we have staff working on the default factor of gaming as is. You basically want things switched the other way around, but it's not going to work that way and the results will not be the same every time either. I don't want a random studio being piled onto "traditional" game design, in the chances that they might make a good game for "traditional" screens. 

"long for the experiences of "yesteryear". you make it sound like Walt Disney's Epcot project, like you're from this futuristic 1960's era, where we have flying cars and K+M are so "yesteryear". They aren't even close to being that at all, and it's not going to be "nostalgic either".

Well Jak was designed from the start as a 3D platforming adventure title, not one designed purely just for VR. New IP's designed for VR get to be designed in such a way, but warping classic IP's for VR junkies just isn't faithful to fans of the original and serves to put off others who were wanting the default experience (the way the game was designed).


The thing is, you won't see, because all these future visions you've been having since you joined this site, are yours, and you cannot think that any part of them contains a single flaw or that not everyone sharing your ideals. There are 7+ billion of us on this rock, not all of us think like you nor share in your ideals either. There will always be disagreement to one ideal over another and yes, progress to those ideals can be stifled. Your "options" are designed in a way for one to easily turn around and go "ugh, why are you using primitive tech", and yes, I know how that is responded to, and no, that's how we see things differently. I mean if you want to talk primitive, then look no further than the human body, compared to say a futuristic cyborg or an advanced AI, but no one likes to admit they are primitive and inferior to machinery, nor do they want to succumb to it.

My ideal vision is to have the holodeck, which means having one holodeck, not a Sony, Ninty or MS one either, not one designed as a console or a little digital watch. The way I'd like to see things done, would go against your core ideals, because quite frankly, I find the idea of wanting to use a console as a PC, let alone a handheld as backwards and entirely primitive. What I'd like you to do is go with a different route with technology, but you won't want to because it would go against your ideals if you went for mine.

My ideals can offer options as well, but I know for a fact that not everyone would agree with them, and that's fine. I'm not going to pull a simple minded "I know you don't like what I want to happen, but it's going to happen either way" speech because that wins over no one and makes one look like a day dreamer.

To put it simply, what I want isn't what you want.