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So I was channel-flipping yesterday and ran across this promo when I hit CNN:

Yes, that's right: they are, heaven help us, doing a retrospective on the 2000s next month (from an American, and deeply male, history standpoint).

This will continue the network's semi-popular Decades series that began with a special called The Sixties here in the United States a number of years ago, which proved a sufficient hit to spawn a follow-up called The Seventies the next year, The Eighties the year after that, and The Nineties last year, at which point I figured that, having reached the end of the 20th century, as well as the end of near all justifiable nostalgia, they would surely have the common sense to stop. But no! CNN has seen it fit to re-traumatize their American viewers by having them relive the 2000s because there are so many mistakes to revisit. George W. Bush. The Iraq War. Bank immunity. Spike TV. Social media. Free trade. Wiggers. Hipsters. Twilight. 50 Cent. The Wii. So...many...mistakes!

CNN viewers have just endured the loss of Anthony Bourdain to suicide. Haven't they been through enough lately?

Last edited by Jaicee - on 24 June 2018