o_O.Q said:
Nautilus said:

Hold on, wasnt this discussion about masturbation and porn?Where all this feminist talk came from?I was showing you the hipocrisy in your previous statement.

So I ask you again, if watching porn is raping someone, if that applies to men, then it applies to woman right?

" if watching porn is raping someone, if that applies to men, then it applies to woman right?"

first off i didn't say they are the same thing but that they are nested in reducing women down to objects for sexual gratification

you understand that both a toyota and a nissan can be different types of cars right?

do you understand abstraction at all?


furthermore i already addressed your point about women consuming porn also

"objectification can also be practiced by women... the fact that all 3 of you don't get that shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the problem"

But what i dont understand is this:

You think porn watched by men is the same as rape, because that man dosent ask the permission of the woman, or the men they are watching(because you know, tastes), and thus it constitutes a rape of that woman/men he is watching.Fine, I dont agree but I understand what you are saying.But I still dont get why woman cant be categorized the same, given that she would be doing the same thing:She would be watching a video of some men/woman doing sex, thus porn, and masturbating and/or getting horny due to that video.By your own definition, shouldnt that woman be raping that man?Or that other woman, depending on what kind of video she is watching?You gave the car example, but people arent cars, and outside of biological differences, we all are equal, both in rights and responsibilities.So why the previlege to woman?

Unless you mean that men cant rape, because its obviously wrong, but woman can?Because they are woman?

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