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quickrick said:
Biggerboat1 said:

You make this statement sound like it's something that the rest of us don't get.

Of course the decision Sony has taken here is to benefit itself. They've calculated that a certain amount of gamer backlash is worth it for the extra dough with the added bonus of throwing a spanner in the works of its competitors.

What the gaming community can do is create a larger backlash than Sony anticipated and change the equation to a point where Sony doesn't think the extra coin they're making is worth the tarnishing of their brand.

Companies, including Sony, obviously do care how they're perceived otherwise they wouldn't have massive PR departments on their payroll... So to imply that best business practice = most money over the short-term is overly-simplistic & a tad naive.

If you want evidence just look at what the community's reaction achieved with SWBF2 or Shadow of War.

If everybody shares your passive attitude there's zero chance that Sony will change their stance or at least make them think twice before repeating a similar move in the future.

Try arguing on the side of the consumer (i.e. yourself) rather than being an apologist for a faceless corporation...

Are you talking about blocking account, or crossplay? I think they should fix the blocking the account proble,, as for crossplay, i don't see sony ever doing it, they worked to build a huge online community if they open it up, they could lose tons of playstation console sales. sony will only allow if its starts effecting sales, where they aren't dominating.

I'm referring to blocking accounts. Not engaging in cross-play is another scenario and whilst I can see some gamers being disappointed, I don't think you can aim the same type of criticism at Sony for that as they are open and honest about their stance, nobody is being blind-sided or having a 3rd party account hijacked.

Still, their position on cross-play may bite them in the ass next generation, when there are potentially 60+ million switch owners out there who are potentially deciding between PS5 & XB2. That's assuming of course that they retain the same policy for their next PS.