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Slimebeast said:
The grafix and other things on the technical side will be amazing just given time, but what about the controls? I think it looks ridiculous when the prefered method of moving around in Skryim VR and Fallout 4 and even in Doom VR is by teleporting.

There's something wrong when many players prefer to zap-teleport forward instead of walking forward by pushing a key on the keyboard or a stick on a controller like we do in ordinary games and controllers. How can they make movement in VR game World comfortable and immersive?

Moving (locomotion) is also an option in a lot of games. Issue is, you need to get used to it, because the immersion is so great that your brain gets fooled and the result is motion sickness. There are some military games who only use locomotion like Onward. I personally prefer Pavlov VR caused that's like Counter Strike with light years ahead controls.

Last edited by Peh - on 24 June 2018

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