o_O.Q said:
Nautilus said:

You say it applies to both(so all this argument about rape and all is a sin commit by both gender by extent) and yet you go on to focus on men again, as if only we do these 'heinous' things.

I just find this hipocrisy amusing, thats all.

context is important, why do we need feminism? because for centuries women were subjugated and oppressed by men

much of this has been corrected in the present day but there are still many ways in which women are oppressed by society

that's the context this issue is nested in

for pete's sake society still tells women that their main value is derived from their looks when they are young and fertile


your thinking is fallacious because its nested in the idea that men and women are treated equally by society and there is no disparity in the degrees to which both groups are oppressed

and come on that's absolutely ridiculous

Hold on, wasnt this discussion about masturbation and porn?Where all this feminist talk came from?I was showing you the hipocrisy in your previous statement.

So I ask you again, if watching porn is raping someone, if that applies to men, then it applies to woman right?

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