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VGPolyglot said:
VAMatt said:

By definition, capitalism requires free markets. I think you're mistaking it for corporatism, like we have now,   where government and business conspire to control your life.

So, if the state doesn't enforce property laws, verdicts of disputes, etc. then how can it exist? In regards to this thread specifically, we have a video game that is in violation of a law. Now, why is that law in place? Unfortunately I don't know the roots of the law so I can't answer it out of anything more than speculation, but knowing that would really help us understand what is going on.

I have no idea why the laws in place. I assume it had some sort of stated purpose like protecting people from predatory organizations that seek to separate them from their money. In reality, it probably exist because the gaming industry, or the government, if they run the lotteries, decided they don't want competition.


Capitalism does not require a governmental structure to exist. Almost all disputes are settled privately right now.   Statistically speaking, it is only a very tiny percentage of property disputes that end up being adjudicated by the state. I don't see why we couldn't expand that to all of them.