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VAMatt said:
I was excited about VR for gaming. I thought we were very likely on the precipice of a major change in the way people play games. But, the tech just isn't there yet. Then there's the practical limitations, such as the need for significant space to play many games. I'm no longer convinced that VR is the future for gaming, and anything more than a niche way. I hope that's wrong, but that's what it's looking like to me.

Its close.... what we have "now" works, but its not as good as it could be.

There are big sacrifices to playing in VR in terms of graphics (right now, maybe in the future they will be alot less).
I think that just means next gen, the improvements to VR will be HUGE and drastic.

PS5 + PSVR2 should be a huge step up in VR gameing.