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Immersiveunreality said:

First bolded : People cannot help themselves, thats also why our society teaches others about the dangers of all kind of addictions and invest money into it, its in a way selfish saying others should just make better choices instead of trying to help and give up that one game you like to play.

Second bolded : Again parents should be better parents but they arent and  this parenting fail results in children exposed to gambling, so thinking the children do not deserve protection against that comes over as selfish. It is wrong to allow people EVERYTHING they want to do because it would break down the structure of our society and things would turn into anarchy leading to violence .

Strawman much?  At no point did I say children do not need or deserve protection. They absolutely do. The only thing I said, is that government banning things is not an appropriate way to do it. It infringes upon the rights of others, and it does not help children develop the life skills that they will need to take care of themselves.  So, it hurts those same children in some respects, and hurts everyone else by limiting their choices and taking away their basic human right to do what they wish with their own property.