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quickrick said:
Biggerboat1 said:

1) I don't disagree with this, apart from the fact that we don't know how much Nintendo's pricing policy effects sales. It's true their games sell well under the current pricing model, though they could sell even better if they changed to a model more similar to Sony / Microsoft.

2) Again, this thread isn't about cross-play. And again, comparing game prices to the surreptitious locking of a 3rd party account is disingenuous. If I perceive a game to be too pricey I can choose not to buy it. If I've unwittingly locked my account to PS4 there's literally nothing I can do to retrieve it.  One is a straight up choice for the consumer to make, the other is a malicious, underhanded move to screw Nintendo & MS at the expense of gamers, including Sony's own.

And the idea that 'if it ain't happening to me then it doesn't count' is a bit self-centred & very short-sighted. I don't play Fortnite at all but I can still damn this behaviour which is blatantly anti-gamer. Same with SWBF2, I've never played it but I can see how problematic EA's strategy was with that game. Just because these particular slimy moves haven't impacted you on this occasion, doesn't mean that they won't in the future, especially if they remain unchecked by us, the gamers.

It's like saying that if the government starts locking homeless people in detention centres, that you can't or shouldn't have a view if you have a home...

I'm sorry but i don't take gaming that seriously lol.

As for the lock account thing, sony will probably change that in the future, its most like a problem they didn't forthcoming  and sony and epic will get it fixed hopefully.

It's the same principal, that's what I'm getting at - as I think you are well aware.

And if you don't care because it doesn't effect you then why are you posting in this thread?