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quickrick said:
Biggerboat1 said:

Maybe it's because it's late where I am but how on God's green earth does Nintendo's online position & Microsoft's financial non-reliance on xbox explain or justify Sony's surreptitious locking of a 3rd party account...?


Honestly, this thread is like a litmus test of fanboyism!


If Sony had been up front about locking accounts when logging in that would be one thing but doing it on the sly is just indefensible!

The locking account thing should be fixed, i was talking only about crossplay.

no need to jump to conclusion about fanboyism, its also easiest way to get banned here.

Nuvendil's comment to which you were replying wasn't about cross-play though, but rather the shadier practices involving the account locking, so I'm not sure how your comment could have been interpreted any other way...


Indeed that's what this entire thread is about, nothing to do with cross-play.


I'll take your comment on board about the f-word but I do have to repeat my disbelief at some of the manic defensive maneuvering going on here.


Like your other comment about Nintendo's game pricing - it has absolutely no relevance! 


It's akin to someone posting on a thread about Nintendo's poor online showing, that it doesn't matter because Sony overcharged for PSP storage. It's purely diversionary.