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EricHiggin said:
flashfire926 said:

Investors will rather have account switching allowed rather than swaths of bad PR at Sony's faces.

By the way, Sony stock was down 2% because of this. How ironic.  We can't screw up PS investors if PS already is doing that themselves.

SNY Corp is back up and hit $50 per share today, the highest the stock has been since 2008.

TheBlackNaruto said:

Well this was obvious from the start that it was about money lol.

SNY stock price agree's.

KingofTrolls said:

Money talks bullshit walks, they are even going to make PS4 Forntnite bundle.

KingofTrolls said:

3rd party developers are happy to make PS4 bundles since launch ( remember that Watch Dogs ye ), also Fortnite is a big dog right now so it is a good partner for Sony.

Ultimately, both sides have to agree to make a deal.

So is PS going to allow cross accounts but make up the difference by selling Fortnite bundles, or is this because Fortnite now owes PS due to the recent backlash that's being kept hush hush for whatever reason, or is PS and/or Epic simply throwing this in MS and Nin's faces to spite them?

Nuvendil said:

Yeah, and I'm sure Sony merely asked nicely and didn't basically hold their 80mil user install base to ransom.  You can give EG 20% of the blame if it makes you feel better.  80% belongs with the platform holder.  Sony makes the rules, Sony came up with this policy.   Sony can be rid of it with the snap of a finger, EG can't do shit.  

And about all your posts about EG not warning you really think Sony wouldn't wrap such a deal in an ironclad NDA?  Do you think they are that freaking dense?  

Well you could also say it's actually 27% the consumers fault, since they have given PS4 a 60% majority portion of the console market as of this point in time. The PS4 customers have given PS this position which has led to these rules and policies.

Edit* changed 33% to 27%. 33 would be an equal third, 27 is everyone above that.

So now customers should be held responsible for companies being dicks?  They should decide what console they buy based on market share?  Come on, that's straight bs.  Yes, people buying a lot of PS4s created the circumstance, but assigning RESPONSIBILITY  to them - and thus taking some AWAY from Sony - would suggest consumers had an intention behind their actions to create this circumstance rather than just buying what they liked.  A "guilty mind" to go back to the earlier - and inaccurate - crime analogy.


Also, you are conflating correlation with causation.  Implying that Sony HAD to do this, that it was inevitable and foreseeable, if they achieved a high market share.  Which is nonsense, this is a choice made by Sony.  Not just an inevitable end result of a chain reaction set into motion by outside factors.