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VGPolyglot said:
HomokHarcos said:

People should say they want to. I don't agree with limiting speech on forums. Banning people from using insults is not likely to change their opinion.

Don't agree with limiting speech? What about giving out other people's personal information?

As for the first amendment, nothing wrong with it.

That would more fall along the lines of like Defamation, or libel. You know if you write a story about someone that is false and hurts their character or business, you can be sued. The same would hold true for giving out personal information on someone.

You can do it, but doesn't mean there are not consequences. The reason there is a difference to giving out personal information versus calling someone a faggot, is that the personal information can ruin someone live by financial reasons (id theft, ect) or personal security reasons (rape, murder, ect)

One is in the persons control, the other not. I give out someone's info and who knows who might use that info and what they may do with it. I say a word to someone and it's up to them how that word affects them. They may not care, or they may contemplate suicide. Either way though, it's in their hands, or minds.

I'm not trying to downplay bullying, but there is a huge difference between bullying someone and giving out someone personal info. I like to think of it like Catcalling a lady or straight up raping her. Both are sexual harassment, but the degree is vastly different.