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VGPolyglot said:
Eagle367 said:

What are you autistic?(jk)

Umm, if you were more familiar with him you'd know that he actually is, so that joke kind of falls flat.

We'll don't I look stupid. A lot of my argument doesn't apply to him now anyways. I never really use these terms unless someone says not to use them for some reason or the other. I think word censorship shouldn't occur like that and I stand by it no matter what. I demonstrated how much of an idiot and retard I am by not realising what the above human being is. Control through the pretence of kindness should be stopped, like the stupid c-16 bill in canada. I am not willing to give an inch only to have a mile taken. This is my belief. Some times kindness requires firmness. Looking at the bigger picture, I'm not willing to accept the censorship of words. Fag, autistic whatever. I don't use them but I don't want them to be removed from being said only to realize next words like retard dumb idiot fat etc are targeted as well

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also