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Didn't see a thread on this so...

Although Nintendo has been taking extensive measures against hackers on Nintendo Switch lately, it seems like they haven’t gotten everything under control yet. One of things that hackers have managed to accomplish is the ability to use your own custom pictures as your Switch profile icon. This wouldn’t really be a huge problem on its over, however this image is visible to other players in Super Mario Odyssey’s Balloon World mode – and some hackers have reportedly been using pornographic images as their profile pictures. In a game that is intended for players of all ages, this is obviously an issue.

Hopefully, Nintendo is able to take swift countermeasures against this. Until then, if you have younger children, it’s probably best to not let them play the Balloon World mode for a while.

I also want to add that this is possible because a Nintendo Switch devkit was sold on eBay and leaked online so now people have access to the dev menu.

This is a pretty big deal and I'm wondering  how Nintendo will react.

Last edited by Shaqazooloo0 - on 22 June 2018