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I guess this is why Microsoft picked up Undead Labs so soon after the launch, the game is secretly a hit internally. The third title could go AAA now that Microsoft has complete control, and a higher profit margin per sale now. GREAT NEWS. Although the zombies genre seems to be dying, State of Decay 2 seems to have hit that special market and a dedicated fan base. Time to see how Dying Light 2 fares in todays market with its unique parkour and choices matter system coming.

SoD2 is an amazing game, the single player is there, the content is there and it's fucking great. Just the multiplayer isn't entirely there (now that I finally got to try it with my brother on gamepass, I know for sure multiplayer isn't completely perfect yet). I love the fact that the zombies are the main enemies again and not just the human AI characters, that is something other zombie games fail at.