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I can't believe how pathetically gullible so many of you are, to believe this is anything more than a ploy by the people not in first to tarnish the image of the one in the lead. Microsoft is not your friend. They are a terrible company that has done nothing but fuck up the last DECADE. They have yet to release a single damn game this generation, exclusive to their console, that hasn't been better than mediocre. Phil spencer hasn't done shit to turn that around, not will he.

And Nintendo. Oh Nintendo. The "consumer friendly" company that has been selling you the same games since the 80's, generation after generation. Where a Nintendo exclusive that can be years old will still be sold at full price regardless of sales performance. Where a port of a five year old game with practically no additions is still 60 bucks. Sure. They're your friends. Go ahead and believe that.

We SAW what Microsoft would do at the top just a few years ago. They've had a pitiful performance this gen. Believing they care about the gamers, that Phil actually gives a shit about anything other than the bottom line... you're delusional.

As far as Epic goes with supporting cross play among console, it's because it's "free to play" meaning they need as many people to buy their ridiculously priced microtransactions! What is one of the best ways to do that? Brainwashing people into thinking they're "consumer friendly" with their 20 dollar skins and garbage pay-to-win save the world.

It's not for the benefit of the gamers. It's for cash and advertisement.
$20 for a legendary skin?! Like for real? Yet no one is seem to be complaining about how anti consumer that is!! There is no reason to charge that much! That's highway robbery, and you all damn well know it.

Do you really think other companies outside of Sony are going to do crossplay? Probably not and want to know why? It'll limit their sales! Every game publisher, every studio, everyone wants to sell as many copies of their games as possible. If so why aren't other companies encouraging cross-play? Why is it only a select few?

Even if they did do crossplay and you can pretty much play game on any system. You think they're not going to jack up the price on that game or cram pack it with DLC, microtransactions, or loot boxs to make up differences for losing potential sales than you're sadly mistaken!

Gaming is not, and never will be, a charity. For every positive action, there's a manipulative reason. Wake up and pay attention.

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Last edited by Raven - on 21 June 2018