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couchmonkey said:
My main complaint about tge show would be how they spent it all on Smash; great game, but I don't watch e3 for a single game deep-dive.

My main complkaint on a bigger level is that Nintendo seems to be letting up on the Switch gas pedal. They only have one platform to support, and this is what we get? I am not holding my breath for more 2018 announcements either, if they can't even finish a slagging 2D Yoshi game after 18 months.

They had the same game plan last year outside of Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon 2019, showing mostly games releasing the same year or early next year. Even showing Mario Odyssey as the main game for their E3 2017 lineup akin to Smash Bros. Headlong this year’s E3.

They later had a September direct AND a Xenoblade 2 November direct in 2017 so why are we assuming no more directs outside of maybe a Smash direct.