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Nautilus said:
Lonely_Dolphin said:
Jesus you are reaching incredibly hard. Common sense should tell you that if surprise factor can't help a bad game, but a good game can still excite and succeed without surprise factor, then the game being good is all that matters.

Im reaching?lol

This is marketing 101.Even if you have a good product, marketing it the right way can help the boost of said product all the more.Im not saying that surprise is the only tactic there is, but it is one of the biggest you can pull.Creating expectation for an event and then exceding that expectation with something no one saw comming make that initial hype even bigger.Better yet, it makes people talk about it more.Why?Because that burst of excitement, that level of attention can turn the eyes of people that most likely werent interested in the first place, because it is human nature to know whats the hottest thing right now, to know what is happening just right outside the door.And that is something which most likely wouldnt have happened without said element of surprise, or some antecipation of sorts.

Honestly, Im really baffled on how there is someone that has already saw through several E3 not understand the power of surprise, the power of the unknown.

Bolded = true!