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DélioPT said:
Miyamotoo said:

It don't really matters at end, their strategy works, Switch keeped momentum and it will keep selling great, Switch games are also selling great, and Switch will definitely sell much better than XB1 in any case.

I definitely expecting at least one big regular direct probably in September like was last year, with around 2 specific ones also, but at E3 they said they have more announcements in coming weeks and months maybe we could have two regular Directs.

Yes, Switch is still selling great and the momentum is still there.
That kind of thinking shows that you are deliberately focusing on the short term and you are ignoring the fact that the most "popular" console still can't out do PS4, with the exception of Japan.

Instead of just focusing on the here and now, you should focus your attention on a little but very important detail: Switch's huge success last year hasn't made a dent on MS and Sony.
What does tell you?


Nintendo says a lot things.
Do you really expect Nintendo to come out and say that we have seen everything for 2018?
This E3 they changed their "games coming out soon (6 months)" to "6-9 months", which end in Spring. Expect, at most, 3 new games - with the strong possibility of more ports.

You missing point, what you or some other fan want is irrelevant, Nintendo strategy of focusing on short term is working, they dont need to focus on long term. Switch is selling great regardles PS4 and XB1, and actualy on pair with PS4 second year sales.

They dont even need to say that, from Switch launch we saw they dont showing hole years lineup on E3, of course there will be more 2018. announcements after E3 also (most of them will be 3rd party). Actually last years E3 they also said 6-9 months focus but reality was that 90% of showed games were this years games, but that dont mean they showed hole lineup in that time period, for instance games like Paladins and Fortnite are announced and released in same time period.